Talca Laboratory of Asymmetric Synthesis applies the most advanced methods to asymmetric synthesis and uses Mass Spectrometry for studies of reaction mechanisms in homogenous catalysis and Nanochemistry

Granted Projects

FONDECYT (1140642): 2014-2018.
Anillo-FONDECYT (ACT1107, 10332): 2012-2015
Innova-Corfo, L2-Corfo (12IDL2-13601): 2012-2014
PBCT-CONICYT-Postdoc (79090038): 2012-2014
FONDECYT-Postdoc (3120178): 2012-2015
National Research Foundation (Korea-Chile): 2012-2014
Innova-Corfo, L2-Corfo (11IDL2-10611): 2012-2014
Innova-Corfo (Fraunhofer Chile Institute): 2011-2017

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